12 Dec 2012


I'm moving to tumblr ---- Please please follow me over there, I think it'll be fun...


Thank you blogspot! It's been a good 4 years!

11 Nov 2012

Print screen:

The very wonderful Joey Fourr helped me make some geometrical screen prints the other day - I chose an array of particularly hard to photograph PALE colours, like this candyfloss pink, which has made social networking pretty difficult. But they look awesome, THANK YOU JO!!!! 
This one and two other colours, pale seafoam and pale mushroom purple, are available to buy at Smug in Islington as part of their Old School exhibition.

26 Oct 2012

Christmas geometry:

Stocking treats for you on Etsy - 
And not a reindeer in sight!

Smug life:

I'm feeling colder and older than ever today - but at least I have been keeping busy. I have a whole heap of awesome new screen prints and a 3D paper pencil case filled with fun on display at SMUG in Angel from this Saturday 27th, a shop teeming with tempting cute bits, I recommend you visit:

Also, I'm in the process of getting my Etsy shop looking a bit less sad, so keep an eye out!

5 Oct 2012

Paper Pineapple:

I made this funky pineapple (note to self - use the word 'funky' more) for the EAT EVERYTHING exhibition at Protein in Shoreditch a couple of Saturday's ago. Good enough to eat?

23 Aug 2012

A touch of sun:

A few days of summer // a brief drowning in Hamstead Heath // lots of pastel triangles // getting spaced out off UHU fumes // time-wasting pom-poms // bothered by fruit flies...

12 Aug 2012


This was originally meant to be for those rude guys - for those of you who've never lived in Cheltenham click here to be in the know - unfortunately a little trip to Japan and some awesome sushi got in the way and it *sadly* never did it's intended job. It now sits on the corner of my desk and makes me smile because actually, it managed to be one of those rarest of objects - something I don't feel needs to be made better. 


Oh man I am just head over heels in love with patterns at the moment -- this is what happens when you gain a 9ft desk and re-discover your hidden coloured paper hoards after moving house... 

15 Jul 2012


I have a few bits and pieces available to buy on my Etsy shop - I will be adding more things over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

10 Jul 2012

Me and the cows:

Some photos of a mural workshop I ran at Lotmead Pick Your Own  last month - the aim was to give the milking parlour a COLOURFACELIFT. Thanks to all of my little helpers, especially little Hamish and little Rhiannon. And to my mum for carving potatoes with me. 
Can I get the smell of cow poo out of my clothes now?

27 Jun 2012


I've spent the last week acclimatising back into London Ways after five amazing weeks in Japan - and trying to pick things up where I left off. Happily, I have a little bit of biznis to attend to, but I do miss Tokyo living..
 Here is the view from our host-of-three-days' balcony in Shinjuku (if you ever need a place to stay in Tokyo, I can't recommend this guy highly enough, find him on Airbnb).

24 Jun 2012


So I've been away a long time, across the world and back, 
and I've got a backlog of posts to um, post. 
But in the meantime, follow me on twitter and have 
a peek at my day-to-day.
More soon!

♦  ♦ 

13 Mar 2012

Etsy shop:

 F I N L
I have set up my Etsy shop!
I only have a few bits and pieces on there at the mo, but I'll be adding things whenever I can. 
One of my chief setbacks being that most of the walls in my silly house are yellow. 
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in my shop that you've seen here and I'll get on it like Sonic.

5 Mar 2012


I got pretty excited when I stumbled on this the other day -
because it's one thing when someone likes your work,
it's when they like your puns that you know you've done good!
Flattered :)

2 Mar 2012

Artist Residence Hotel:

This project was awesome
and so is the hotel
and so is Brighton,
why don't you all go and stay..... 

28 Feb 2012

This is a special post for my team of makers that trekked to Brighton to sit in a basement and help me get through the week - I couldn't have done it without you!! 
& Bryn
for your constructing, painting and conversation skills, not to mention your incredible patience.
I love ya x

This little piggly went to Brighton:

Sooooooooo a few weeks ago I was asked by the very nice people at the Artist Residence Hotel in Brighton if I could decorate one of their bedrooms - these were my plans, and what followed was an important lesson in Time Management and Realistic Planning - whereas before I have relied mainly on Optimism and More Optimism, maybe in the future I will think things through more carefully instead. BUT the room looks great and I had a lovely time by the sea - thank you Artist Residence! I could have stayed forever ------ more photos to follow..

19 Feb 2012


I've got geometric eyeballs at the moment - this is some prep work for an upcoming project and I'm VERY EXCITED.